5 Essential Plugins for WordPress Niche Site


5 Essential Plugins for WordPress

Hi Guys, I am going to restart my blog and I will try my best to Post at least 4 blog post in a week.

Many of my readers ask me on Facebook to share my experience about WordPress plugins and how I take them?

I hate using lot of plugins, and try to keep my websites as light and clean as possible. It’s a lesson I learnt , it’s a long terrific story ;(

However, there are some essential plugins that I use for all of my websites sites (my own as well as my clients). When you create a niche site, you should be using all of these because these are very effective.

These are all free plugins. I’ll go through them one by one.

1.Yoast SEO

Download link

WordPress SEO by YoastYoast SEO is a great WordPress and I think  it’s the best one. It have everything for SEO an updated consistently and free of bugs and vulnerabilities, It is one of the a famous plugin and well oriented document.

2. SumoMe

Download link

SumoMe-imgSumoMe is a free plugin once you installed it, gives you a bunch of free tools to grow your site’s traffic and email list.

Every blogger need and curious for email list , Me too 😉 And you need Just a free MailChimp account and a popup plugin from SumoMe.

There is “Share” feature of SumoMe. This gives your site nice share buttons. There are a lot of share button plugins, but this one is the easiest to set up as well as gives you traffic data.

3. Display Widgets

Download link

Display WidgetsAnother essential plugin for Adsense. Sometimes, you want to display a widget ad on some pages, and hide them on others. This plugin does that for you with the click of a button.

All you need to do is set the widget settings to display/hide on specific pages. I like to use Display Widgets to control sidebar ads for Adsense. On some pages, I’ll have an ad in the sidebar. But for longer pieces of content that are getting a lot of traffic, I’ll use Display Widgets to remove the sidebar ad, and insert a 3rd ad into the content body instead.

4. W3 Total Cache

Download link

W3 TotalThe plugin that increases your site speed a TON. The difference is like night and day. This is because this plugin creates separate html files of your pages and loads that instead of dynamically generating content from PHP that WordPress uses.

The result? Instant loading pages that are impossible to achieve through WordPress without it.

5. Ad Inserter

Download Link

I never use this plugin but it’s one recommend for those who are not familiar with how to edit PHP files that WordPress uses and get difficulties to insert adsense codes into WordPress theme’s PHP files, so that you can control where the ad is, and for which pages it shows on.

But if you want an easy way to achieve the same thing, you can use the Ad Inserter plugin.

These are some of the options you’ll have:

  • Display Before Content (before post or page text)
  • Display Before Selected Paragraph
  • Display After Selected Paragraph
  • Display After Content (after post or page text)
  • Display Before Title (does not work with all themes)
  • Display Before Excerpt (on blog pages)
  • Display After Excerpt (on blog pages)

Hope you enjoy this blog post, please share this with your fellows and others so they get benefits me and you.


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