Inpage URDU 3.5 Full version


InPage Urdu 3.5

Urdu Inpage 3.5 Professional Full Version. Inpage urdu software is very popular software now a days. Inpage Only the tools for page-making of Newspapers, Magazines & Books in Urdu/Arabic languages. The latest full version is also available on the official website of Inpage. As i mention it is latest version, It is unicode Font type, please be aware if you open old files from Inpage 2000 or 2009-2013 these file will be not work after open in Inpage Urdu 3.5

We are not responsible for any data loss not provide you any support. If you want to use it for Business Purposes we strongly suggest you to purchase it from Inpage Official Website Click Here

Urdu inpage professional is a reliable Urdu software. It is full version Urdu software.Inpage 2013 inpage full version urdu software. Inpage 2013 expeditiously an awesome software.


Inpage Urdu v3.2 is available here for free full version. Urdu Inpage was recently released from the developers of  InPage. It give you unlimited features than the previous version before Urdu Inpage v3.2 full version. This new version of Urdu Inpage has especial integration to support Windows xp , windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8. Also it supports both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. Urdu Inpage v3.2 is made specially for business purposes to write urdu books and newspapers. it really has some awesome features which were not included in any of the version before Urdu Inpage v3.2 professional.

Urdu Inpage v3.2 professional has special support for languages like Urdu, Arabic,Saraiki, Kashmiri, Persian, English, Pashto and Sindhi. That is why Urdu Inpage v3.2 full version is being ranked higher than any other version of Urdu Inpage.

(Arabic, Farsi, Burohi, Pushto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Hazargi, Balochi and English) all these language have good support by Urdu Urdu Inpage v3.2 Professional where you want to start . It has many other features included such as  drawing, designing, coloring, fonts, editing, insert page, insert table, bold, export, copy, cut, paste, print and many more professional features.

Urdu Inpage v3.2 Also give you full support to add custom symbols in it. Bundle of choices are available in this version of Inpage so that you enjoy best out of the version and keep using on your pc. With Nastaliq without auto kerning and kashish featureinpage 2009 professional is really aweosme. it has more than 60 unicode Naskh fonts included in it. It has direct unicode support with other softwares. Some of the Features of Inpage Urdu 2009 Professional. you can save your file direct as PDF with options of mirror and export all the text as well. Also you can export urdu text in RTF format as well.

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