What is the core Responsibilities of a Web Developer

How are Responsibilities Of A Web Developer?

Job of a Web Developer

The job of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. This means that products / services must be offered in the finished design, and shown how to access them. For example, the customer may need a form to obtain the visitor’s email address; they want to obtain more information, deliver a news or thank the customer for doing business with them.

A back-end developer is a type that focuses on creating the back-end of a site. Another type, front-end developer, focuses on the client side to give the site more style and functionality.

Responsibilities Of A Web Developer?

Web developers create the layout of the website, creating visually appealing home pages. User-friendly design and, at times, useful content for visitors. Once a website is activated, a developer observes that the site works well on all browsers, modifying screen size / resolution by whichever tests and whenever necessary.

Web developers know a lot about technologies, computers and how web servers work. He specializes in most software programs, web applications, web programming languages such as JavaScript (JS), HTML, C ++ and Ruby on Rails. They need to be able to communicate well, set goals, and meet target dates.

Web Developer Types:

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Front-End Developers

This type of web developer codes the front end of the site. Web design refers to how a website looks, but front end development is the means by which this design is executed on the web.

Back-end Developers

These web developers build and maintain the technology necessary to supply components with the power to make the existence of the user-facing side of the site possible. The back-end code gives function to everything created by the front-end designer.

Full stock Developers

Such developers know how all parts of the web development process run together, and they can guide when it comes to strategies and best practices. Full stack developers will certainly play an even more important role in the future of web development, and have the ability to see the “big picture”. They are familiar with both the server-side and client-side user experiences.

JavaScript (JS) Developers

JavaScript is a web programming language used by most websites and supported by each and every browser and tool. This type of language empowers JS developers to create, modify and enhance websites. Although the JS developer often works on the front-end, the JS programming language is not limited to front-end use only.


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