Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19

Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19

Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19

Things can get bleak, with the Kovid-19 epidemic, the total lockdown worldwide and the human and social costs of these uncertain times. Nevertheless, as the Persian saying goes, this too will pass, which brings us to a very important question. (Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19)

What will you and your brand achieve at the end of all this? The biggest issue every social marketer had was the challenge of breaking through the clutter and establishing a relationship with a distracted audience.

Well, tables and twists and marketers are now struggling to find what can only be described, literally, as a captive audience.

Time to Look Beyond Marketing and Selling: –

There is a time to sell and then a relationship, and the lockdown definitely falls into the latter category due to the epidemic.

Nothing can seem more than trying to benefit from a human and economic disaster like the Kovid-19 epidemic. Brands that thought they could fool viewers could make calls on social media by pretending to care.

Therefore, go beyond transactions and focus on establishing a connect and building a bond with your audience. The good thing, at least for social marketers, is that your audience, perhaps for the first time, is sitting idle and bored at home and just waiting for someone to entertain them.

Intarect Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19

How to determine if your social marketing strategy is working? Here is a simple trick that you can use. Is your brand talking to its audience or is it interacting with them?

Talking is a one-way process. Exchange is all about exchange and giving and taking. From the quarrelsome ideas you try to do during the pandemic lockdown, you want to do it all at once — the first step towards building a real relationship is to find common areas of conversation and interest.

Be Imaginative, Social Marketing in The Times of Covid -19

How did the epidemic change your world — will your brand get a mention in response to your audience? Opportunity to take. You just need to know when to go beyond your routine hunt for likes, retweets, plays, views and shares. Just buy these metrics and increase your numbers so that you are free to focus on the bigger picture.


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