Namecheap known as a domain registrar, and now they also offering cheap web hosting and have variety of packages. Before you sign up with them you should read my Namecheap hosting review based on my personal experience and if you find it what they do and what they provide.

Ready to Start your Online Business? Get Hosting Now

Most of people know Namecheap as a domain registrar but i told you they also offer web hosting services. Namecheap started in 2000 and offering value-able priced domains and excellent customer service. Today, they have 3 million and more clients and manage over 7 million domains.

In addition to domains and full web hosting packages, Namecheap also sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more. Because Namecheap thinks that internet presence is necessary now days for business as well as personal blogging and they provide affordable access to everything you need to run a website.

Namecheap’s hosting plans offer best packages, reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you need to build a new site, you can easily do so using one of Namecheap’s many site building apps. If you have an existing website, Namecheap will move it for you for free.

In addition to a solid knowledge base, you can consult if you need help, Namecheap offers 24/7 friendly and best Chat. You can also submit tickets for review.

What Namecheap Offer

Namecheap hosting comes complete with a number of great features. I will take a look at some of the main features included with this host.

  • 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA). (You’ll receive credits if this isn’t achieved.)
  • Namecheap uses the latest server technology from brands like Dell, HP, and Supermicro.
  • Every component has multiple redundancies, whether it’s the power source, the network card or the high speed of the servers.
  • Pages load extremely fast, a necessity for any business.
  • cPanel is used. This is the most commonly used control panel in the world and it makes life easier for users.
  • The Softaculous installer enables you to use WordPress or other apps with just a few clicks. You can update and maintain your applications with great ease.
  • Easy to upgrade your hosting package if your business grows too big for the current package.
  • The Ultimate package offers unlimited disk space. Note: it can only be used for your website and no other purposes according to Namecheap’s terms and conditions.
  • Daily backups and some plans have backups done twice a day.
  • 100+ single click apps.
  • Single contact point for billing and support.
  • No contracts.
  • Free migration of sites from other hosting providers

My Most Favorite Feature That I Never Get From Well Know Hosting Companies But Namechap And That Is Support, Very Polite, Friendly And Give You Solutions Of Your Problem

Hosting Types and Plans


  • 4 plans to choose from.
  • Up to 3 websites on the smallest plan where most only offer 1 site and unlimited on the biggest plan.
  • Sub-domains range from 50 – unlimited.
  • All plans have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Plenty of autoresponders, databases, email accounts and email forwarding accounts, depending on your plan choice.
  • A healthy amount of disc space.
  • A long list of other features that easily compare to other providers.


There are four VPS plans to choose from.

  • You get everything the shared plans offer and a lot more as well.
  • All plans are easy to upgrade/downgrade when necessary.
  • You get higher priority support service, receiving answers ahead of people on shared plans.
  • VPS plans hosted on the lightning-fast networks in Phoenix, Arizona so page speeds are unbelievably quick, often faster than dedicated servers provided by other hosting companies.
  • Either one or just a few customers use the same server under these plans. This means there are enormous stability and performance benefits and no downtime (as guaranteed by Namecheap).

Choose to self-manage, half-manage or have Namecheap fully manage your server for you. If you manage it yourself, you: can choose the operating system, have reboot access, root access and the ability to do reinstalls on the server.

If you have it fully managed for you, you only have Reseller access to the server configurations are handled by the technical staff at Namecheap.


  • A lot of different plans to meet your needs.
  • You get everything available in the shared and VPS plans but some quantities may be bigger. These plans are ideal for sites with a lot of site traffic.
  • You have your own server so you can choose to do it all yourself or have Namecheap manage it for you.
  • Prices to suit all budgets.


  • You can earn passive income through a Reseller plan and selling plans to your customer base and other people you know.
  • Limited disk space and the bandwidth will depend on which of the four plans you choose.
  • Anonymous name servers so nobody will know you’re reselling services.
  • Full priority support is available to help with every aspect of the process.
  • Unlimited domains and sub-domains.


Namecheap offers an online advertising service called “Business Promoter.” You simply tell Namecheap about your business and they run the Google ads for you.

This can be a time-saver for small business owners, since learning Google AdWords — even the simplified version — can be time-consuming.

Softaculous: Improve Your Website With Ease

One of the perks of a Namecheap shared plan is access to Softaculous, a tool that allows you to easily install software to extend the features and functionality of your website.

You can access the Softaculous tool via the administrative area of your control panel.

Have Many Apps to Extend Your Site’s Functionality

You can think of it as an app store. Through it you get access to hundreds of apps, enabling you to easily add discussion forums, blogs, photo galleries, media players, and so on, to your Namecheap-hosted website.

What we can i install with Softaculous?

Some of the things you can install with Softaculous include:

  • Wikis
  • Blogs and micro-blogs
  • Social networking features
  • Ad management
  • Online calendars (useful for events and bookings)
  • Web-based games
  • Email services
  • Polls, surveys, and analytics
  • E-commerce software and tools, like PrestaShop and Magento
  • Customer support tools to serve your online customers, like live chat
  • Educational software platforms like Moodle
  • Portals and CMS tools like Open Real Estate, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla
  • For developers: frameworks like Laravel, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, and Cake PHP

Essentially, if there’s something you want to be added to your website, there’s likely to be a Softaculous script that installs it with ease.

For a busy small business owner, Softaculous makes website management quicker and simpler.

Domains: what does Namecheap offer?

As we have mentioned (as its name implies), Namecheap is a major domain registrar. One of its biggest competitors is GoDaddy.

When it comes time to register a domain name, who should you go with?

Domain Privacy Protection

When you purchase and register a domain name, your personal information, such as address, email, phone numbers, is (by default) listed in the public WHOIS directory and accessible to anyone. You can, however, purchase what’s called domain privacy protection. This hides your personal information and lists alternate details instead — typically, you will see information for your domain registrar instead, but the specifics may vary.

We recommend that small businesses opt for domain privacy. Some of the benefits include protecting your personal information from being used in identity theft schemes and preventing your email from being targeted for unwanted spam/solicitations.

Domain privacy protection is not expensive, and the privacy it affords is nothing to sneeze at — however, we understand that budgets are not unlimited.

DNS Hosting

Namecheap (and many other registrars) offer DNS hosting with each domain sold, but if you have a registered domain that does not include DNS hosting, you can purchase this service from Namecheap.

DNS hosting is, in short, the service that “translates” your domain name into the unique IP address for your website. Essentially, the larger your DNS network, the faster this can happen, leading to faster page load times for your website.

Namecheap offers two DNS hosting services: the FreeDNS and premium DNS hosting.

FreeDNS is secure, reliable, and geographically-dispersed. It comes with an easy-to-use management console, and all users get 24/7 customer support. It can be used as the primary DNS hosting service, but you could also use it as a backup to your existing DNS hosting.

Namecheap’s premium DNS hosting, however, is for those who want to minimize downtime. PremiumDNS offers a 100% service level agreement for DNS resolution, which is useful especially for businesses, where downtime leads to lost profits.

Resell Your Domain Via The Namecheap Marketplace

The Namecheap Marketplace is a platform that you can use to resell domain names.

Generally, you are required to pay upfront for an extended contract (usually one year or more) when purchasing a domain name. If you decide that you no longer want your domain name, you are stuck with it until your contract expires and you choose to not renew it.

However, with the Namecheap Marketplace, you can resell your domain names before your contract is up. The Marketplace operates on a fixed-price model. You list your domain, as well as the price you want to charge.

Buyers peruse the marketplace and purchase the domain names in which they’re interested the way they’d purchase any other domain name.

Namecheap charges sellers a flat 10% fee for each domain sold through the Marketplace.

In addition to being able to offload domain names you no longer want, you might be able to purchase a domain name that has otherwise been purchased already. Finding unique domains gets harder and harder as more and more people create websites, so the Marketplace is a good option for those who are having trouble finding a unique option that reflects their business and brand.

Customer Support and Help

If something were to go wrong with your hosting package then there are a number of ways that you can contact the Namecheap support team and/or get help. These are as follows:

  • 24/7/365 Live chat
  • E-mails
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Forum where you can find your own answers
  • No form of phone support is available.


If you decide that Namecheap isn’t the right hosting service for you then you are entitled to a money-back guarantee. Here are some points to remember:

  • Only 14 days whereas most other companies offer at least 30 days.
  • Shared plans have 100% uptime.
  • All other plans “only” have 99.9% uptime.
  • Sales of all extra add-ons such as server management, dedicated IP address and licenses are non-refundable.


Is web hosting from Namecheap any good? There are lots of pros and cons to weigh up when considering buying hosting from Namecheap.


  • A well-known brand that has been around for 15 years.
  • Cheap domain names.
  • Support is good quality.
  • Reliable hosting services.
  • The design and interface are very user-friendly.
  • Free and fast migration from other hosting providers.
  • Backups on a daily basis.
  • Choose the largest shared plan and backup is twice per day and also weekly.
  • Quick registration and setup process.
  • Lots of TLDs available with varying extensions.
  • No upsells when you sign up.


  • 14-day money-back guarantee. This is the lowest of any company.
  • Live support speed will depend partly on what plan type you have.
  • Setting up SSL certificates is difficult and often needs help.
  • Some aspects of the dashboard are hard to find.
  • No phone support.