XOOM Introducing a New ‘Request’ Feature for Money Transfers, Bill Payments and Mobile Reloads for Loved Ones Abroad

Xoom, PayPal’s money transfer service, They aim to make sending and receiving money a better experience for everyone involved. However, senders of remittances have carried most of the heavy load. Not just in generating income, but also figuring out the fastest and most convenient way to send funds. Recipients on the other end, are limited in the ways they can help make it easier. Today, Xoom announce a new and excited ‘request’ feature that was especially designed with remittance recipients in mind. For the first time, users outside of the U.S. can use Xoom to easily send a ‘request’ to their loved ones in the U.S. for a money transfer, bill payment, or a mobile reload.

No more wondering what the best location is for your money transfer or having to write down complicated account information and potentially delaying payments to your loved ones because of mistakes; no more calls to check account numbers for bill payments or mobile reloads.

Now this information can be directly entered by recipients and saved on their accounts for future requests. They know what they need, when and where they need it; they know their account numbers, so why not let them make the ‘request’? After you receive a request, all you need to do is accept it and send.

How It Works watch Video

Recipients and senders benefit in a number of ways:

  • Request Money –it’s easy for recipients to remind family members in the U.S. about key events as a prompt to send money. Funds can be requested for cash pick-up at any local pay-out partner listed on Xoom’s website.
  • Request a Mobile Reload – send a mobile reload request to loved ones in the U.S. to get airtime credit on your prepaid mobile phone.
  • Request Bill Pay – request family or friends to pay your bills, such as your electricity and phone-line bills.

With the new ‘request’ feature, more control is in the hands of remittance recipients who now are a part of the process and have an easy and convenient way to manage this important line of financial support. There is no charge for making a request; it takes just a few easy steps and recipients can make requests 24/7 on the web from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Users can start requesting now in 29 countries and requests can be fulfilled on a web browser or through the Xoom app on Android and iOS.

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